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What Sets Auraya’s Next-Gen Voice Biometric ArmorVox Engine Apart

Angelo Gajo | March 4, 2020 | 6 minutes


Telcos and large banks were the first industries to implement voice biometrics to improve security in large contact centres. Now that voice biometric technology is proven to improve security, privacy and customer experience, other industries are integrating voice biometrics into their systems to provide improved customer experience and the efficiency benefits of automating customer verification. Despite the growth in voice biometric adoption, there are still some common concerns (or misconceptions) people have regarding voice biometrics.

In a Live Mint blog, the author discussed how beneficial voice biometrics is as it analyses hundreds of voice characteristics and traits to seamlessly verify a person’s identity. This article also points out issues regarding reliability and security. The author addresses two major concerns: voiceprint quality and the potential to spoof a voiceprint using fraudulent replication and recording of the real customer’s voice. In another blog, the author notes issues relating to data privacy and rigid customer experience. Fortunately, with Auraya’s next-gen ArmorVox voice biometrics technology, these concerns have been addressed to ensure that both organisations that deploy Auraya’s voice biometric solutions and their customers are satisfied with the security of their personal data, the reliability of the identification and most importantly the improvement in customer experience during the verification process.

When enrolling a voiceprint or verifying a person’s identity, advanced machine learning algorithms ensure enough high-quality audio is collected for the enrolment and the verification process. With ArmorVox, the audio is examined and extraneous noise is eliminated to ensure its quality is acceptable. No poorly recorded voiceprints are enrolled. ArmorVox uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect the speaker’s voice apart from other noises and determine if the volume or quality of the voice is acceptable.  

While using advanced machine learning algorithms to ensure high-quality audio is obtained, ArmorVox also includes a fraud detection capability to detect and reject various spoof attempts. This capability can detect and reject attempts such as synthetic and recorded voice attacks. This means fraudsters can’t simply recreate someone’s voice synthetically or even directly record their voice and expect to successfully break into the system. To further prevent repeat offenders from continuously attempting to break into the system, organisations can add the voiceprints of offenders into an Impostor List. With an Impostor List, organisations can track when fraudsters attempt to break into the system and block them, all in real-time.

But what sets ArmorVox apart from standard voice biometric technologies is how it obtains and handles customers’ data. The database that stores the encrypted voiceprints is always under the direct control of the organisation that is responsible for maintaining the privacy and integrity of their customers’ data. This means no customer data is shared with service providers or third-party organisations including Auraya. ArmorVox provides organisations with the power to manage the security and privacy of their customers’ data. No data ever needs to leave the secure data repository for any purpose. This gives organisations better security and drastically reduces the chances of organisations being targeted and exposing sensitive information to fraudsters.

It’s imperative to ensure that the whole process, from enrolment to authentication, provides a delightful experience to customers. ArmorVox enables this by allowing organisations to use various voiceprint tokens such as text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted or digit-independent voiceprints. This allows organisations to implement the best possible experience for customers whether they prefer verifying their identity by stating their customer account number or phone number or by simply conversing with an agent or a chatbot.

As voice biometrics becomes a more ‘mainstream’ user interface, the list of concerns is reducing. Auraya’s next-gen voice biometric technology does an excellent job in addressing all the common concerns of voiceprint quality, security performance, spoof protection, data privacy and customer experience. That’s what makes ArmorVox the next generation of voice biometric technology.




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