Voice Biometric Verification: An Omni-Channel Solution


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Voice Biometric Verification: An Omni-Channel Solution

Pryathna Sankaranarayanan | November 27, 2017 | 3 minutes


Voice Biometric Verification: An Omni-Channel Solution

Whether your customers choose to engage with your brand via mobile apps, online chat,  your website, face to face at a retail site using social media or messaging, or speak with an agent on the phone – voice authentication using the unique biometric qualities of your customer’s voice provides a secure, convenient and reliable process to verify your customer’s identity. Voice authentication makes your customer’s verification process seamless and consistent at every touch-point. Implement voice authentication to make customer enquiries, transaction and post transaction service experience faster, more secure and more customer friendly.

Customer Inquiries

Chat: When customers are browsing your website, a chat-bot can assist in starting a conversation, responding to enquiries and completing a purchase. Voice authentication can verify a customer’s identity during this process so transactions can be completed with the benefit of a secure e-signature.

Social media and messaging: When customers connect with you using social media or messaging services, you can verify them securely and conveniently with voice biometrics. Customers value privacy and security – nobody else can hack into their accounts and make enquiries, change existing services or or complete new purchases using their identity.


Website: Secure access to customer account information with voice biometrics. Eliminate the frustration of insecure and clumsy SMS codes with one time passcodes – SMS codes are not secure and RSA tokens and other one time password generators can be stolen and misused. Give customers the confidence to securely transact online and reduce fraud related customer concerns by implementing voice biometrics. Voice is the best second factor authentication for high risk and high value transactions.

Digital app: Customers can easily enrol their voice and voice-verify transactions in one easy step. The voice biometric capability can be delivered from a cloud service and integrate with your app. Authenticating customers and giving them access to more secure parts of the app or website that contains private and confidential data.

Post-Transaction Service

Contact centres and IVR: Customer concerns and requests with your products and services can be resolved over the phone by contacting your customer service centres. Voice biometrics will make the customer authentication process faster and streamline operations for your business. This means less frustrated customers, and a happier team servicing your customers.

Digital app: By diverting customer concerns to a digital app securely, you eliminate the need for customers to call your contact centre. This will help reduce the cost of manual authentication and customer service at contact centres and provider customers with a better alternative to get concerns resolved more efficiently.

By enabling voice authentication at every critical step, you provide customers with the convenience of transacting with you from anywhere, using any device whilst providing a secure yet convenient process that provides customers with confidence that their interactions remain private and safe.




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