AISB Engine powered by ArmorVox TM

The AISB Engine powered by ArmorVox TM is the next generation voice biometric engine developed to provides a full suite of voice biometric capabilities in mobile and digital channels.  AISB Engine helps streamline and improve customer experience and information security. It uses machine learning algorithms to create speaker-specific background models for each individual voice print to deliver the best performance. Our algorithms set thresholds for each voice print that are empirically derived to meet your desired security performance requirements. Additionally, with automated tuning features, the AISB Engine works irrespective of language, accents or dialects

AISB Engine

The AISB Engine also offers an additional layer of protection with EVA’s voice verification capabilities that allow you to seamlessly and securely authenticate the identity of your customers when they call your contact center or when they interact with your website, chatbots or mobile app. EVA works seamlessly in Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Amazon Connect platform.