Secure Password Resets with Voice Biometrics

Passwords have been around for years and are often the main security method used to authenticate a user. Passwords are implemented for security reasons, whether it’s logging into an account or connecting to a wireless network. However, as people use passwords for just about everything on every platform, some have opted to use the same password for different platforms for convenience. Although this helps some people not to forget their password, it also causes a huge security concern if the person becomes a victim of data breach or leak. On the other hand, those who do use different and even randomized passwords often forget their passwords. This results in a jarring password reset user experience where they are required to provide answers to forgotten security questions or switch applications or devices to confirm their identity for a password reset request.

With Auraya’s voice biometric technology, organisations can implement voice biometric verification to assist in improving the password reset user experience. The process would first involve the user enrolling their voiceprint by capturing audio of them speaking their unique phrase or identifier such as their account number or phone number. This audio is encrypted and scrambled to create a voiceprint. Then, whenever they request a password reset, they would simply just need to say their unique phrase to verify their identity. If their voice matches with the enrolled voiceprint attached to the account, then they will be verified successfully and a password reset link can be provided.

This could replace security questions and one-time passwords, meaning that the user would not be required to switch applications or devices and wait for the SMS or email to come through. Organisations can also reduce operational costs from replacing their SMS OTP services. This could also improve security as SMS and emails can be easily intercepted by fraudsters. With voice biometric verification, users only need to verify their identity using their voice and then the password reset link will be provided if they are verified successfully. Using identifiers such as accounts or phone numbers that are easily to remember and are unique to each individual improves security and usability. Additionally, Auraya’s patented technologies can combat cyberattacks such as Identity Theft and Account Takeovers as it can detect generated, mimicked voices and recorded playback voices.