Protect Against Identity Theft with Voice Biometrics

Recently, two women in Australia were charged with eight counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception after they were caught using fake identities to steal thousands of dollars from bushfire and coronavirus welfare payments. The women were able to steal AUD 10,000 before being noticed and caught by the Australian federal government’s new anti-fraud task force.

Naturally, fraudsters will always try to take advantage of any opportunities for financial gain, with identity theft being one of the most commonly used methods. Financial organisations must ensure that they implement the best security measures to repel attacks such as identity theft that occur nearly every day.

Fortunately, with Auraya’s voice biometric technology, organisations can greatly reduce the chance of fraud and the resultant misery inflicted on innocent people whose identity is compromised. Organisations can implement secure and delightful voice identification and verification capabilities allowing customers to use their voice to securely verify their identity. By using voice, outdated security methods such as asking for PINs and passwords or personal security questions can be replaced saving organisations time and money. Auraya’s voice biometric technology is also capable of detecting synthetic and recorded playback attempts which further protect against fraud attempts.

Organisations will also be able to manage their voiceprint database in real-time and flag known and potential fraudsters. Repeat offenders will be flagged and identified even if they are impersonating different victims.

Overall, voice biometrics can help strengthen organisational security and improve user experience. Fraudsters can’t simply steal the identities and information of victims as they would be required to say the right information with the right voice.