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Improving Efficiency and Preventing Fraudsters in Call Centres with EVA Voice Biometrics

Paul Magee | April 9, 2020 | 4 minutes


Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone around the world is experiencing dramatic changes in the work environment and their private lives. The work from home (WFH) requirements that most organisations have implemented, plus the new emergency initiatives and support services being delivered by governments and enterprises are creating additional workloads for many contact centres and digital delivery teams.

In addition to the increased call volumes and coping with the issues of working from home or safely working in contact centres, organisations are also having to cope with an increase in scams as bad actors and fraudsters seek to take advantage in these difficult times. For many organisations, security and customer experience are of paramount importance to their customers and front line staff, especially with the avalanche of calls and digital enquiries they may be receiving. Fortunately, with Auraya’s EVA voice biometrics, organisations can handle the increased volume of calls securely whilst protecting the organisation and their customers from bad actors and fraudsters.

EVA provides a secure and scalable cloud-based identity verification capability. Whether the organisation is using a legacy on-premise infrastructure or a cloud contact centre solution such as Amazon Connect, EVA, the Amazon Connect extension for voice biometrics, can be deployed quickly and securely. Organisations can use EVA to verify the identity of its customers as well as its agents and other internal staff. Another EVA capability organisations can utilise is its fraud detection capability. EVA can be used to identify and flag fraudsters in real-time, making it easier to deal with legitimate customers and deter fraud attacks.

Even during these troubling times, Auraya is capable of remotely supporting organisations in delivering an EVA voice biometric solution. EVA can be rapidly deployed in all call centres and reduce the time needed to verify an identity, increasing self-service and decreasing the risk of fraud. Organisations who turn on EVA will be able to more effectively cope with the surge in demand for services that are desperately needed as well defend themselves from being attacked by those who try to take unfair advantage.

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