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It’s Time for Hospitals and Health Services to Upgrade Their Security Methods

Angelo Gajo | October 3, 2019 | 4 minutes

Computer devices in hospitals

As the latest victims of a ransomware attack in Australia, several regional Victorian hospitals and health services were forced to shut down their IT systems on Monday, September 30th, 2019 due to a security breach.

Earlier this year the Auditor-General published a report which exposed widespread security vulnerabilities in Victoria’s public health system. This alarming issue left patient data at a high risk of data breaches. Andrew Greaves, the Auditor-General, stated that there were “key weaknesses in health services” physical security, and in their logical security, which covers password management and other user access controls”.

As a result of these cyber security issues, several regional Victorian hospitals and health services were left exposed to a data breach, only months after the report was released. This prompted hospitals to shut off their IT systems. This incident highlights the need for better cybersecurity measures, especially regarding password management and user access controls.

One powerful method for strengthening access control without making systems more difficult for users is Voice Biometric allowing users to log on to systems simply by saying their ID number.

Auraya’s next-generation ArmorVox engine, delivered a cloud-based automated password reset system for the Health Services Support business unit of New South Wales Health. This allowed healthcare professionals and other staff to reset their passwords anytime and anywhere by using their voice to verify their identity.

Voice biometrics can also be implemented in other use cases such as logging into online portals using voice rather than text-based passwords. With ArmorVox’s patented features healthcare organisations can ensure that the voiceprints captured are of high quality and unique to each individual. Fraudsters can also be detected easily even if they try to use Synthetic Voice generators.

Voice biometric security provides a step up in cyber security whilst making it easier for legitimate users to get access to data.




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