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Goode Intelligence Interviews CTO Dr. Clive Summerfield

Angelo Gajo | February 19, 2020 | 4 minutes


Goode Intelligence interviewed our CTO and co-founder, Dr. Clive Summerfield December last year for the Biometric Summit 2019 event in London. The interview covered the present challenges of biometric technology and its potential benefits to customer experience and security. Most importantly, it focused on the capabilities of voice biometrics and how it can seamlessly achieve delightful customer experience and bolster security. Below is the transcript for the interview between Goode Intelligence (GI) and Dr. Clive Summerfield (CS). You can check out the official published interview here.

GI: What challenges are organisations facing today that you feel biometrics can help to solve?

CS: Biometrics – specifically voice biometrics – solve not just the burgeoning fraud problem, but many of the compliance issues relating to the delivery of secure online and telephony customer service.

GI: How do you feel biometric technology can enhance customer experience to deliver great customer service for end-users?

CS: Voice biometrics makes identity authentication seamless and invisible to the customer. No passwords to remember, no PINs to forget.

GI: How are you expecting to see the industry change or evolve over the next 12 months?

CS: We expect to see voice become the defacto second-factor authentication credential for online banking, financial services and access to cloudbased services.

GI: Where are you seeing the greatest demand for biometrics?

CS: The greatest demand at the moment is in the traditional password reset. Looking forward, it is just a small step from password reset to secondfactor authentication and password replacement.

GI: What do you feel the most exciting innovation is for biometric technology at the moment?

CS: Biometric in the browser! With the emergence of HTML5, it is now possible to insert voice biometrics into website and WebApps in no time at all, providing a convenient way to deliver biometric security across a wide range of markets and applications.

GI: How can new technologies and regulations support authentication and satisfy the greater demand for security and trust?

CS: Regulation, such as GDPR and PSD2, is at the heart of building trust and confidence in the technology and ensuring the responsible and ethical application of this powerful technology.

GI: What would you advise to those looking to deploy biometric technology in their organisation to consider?

CS: Start with the customer experience and work back from there.




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