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Biometric Institute Released Updated 2019 Privacy Guidelines

Angelo Gajo | May 24, 2019 | 3 minutes

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Biometric Institute have recently updated their privacy guidelines for biometrics and this time, they included the implications introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The purpose of the privacy guidelines is to guide people on biometric systems, to assure the public that ethical, good practice privacy principles were followed, to be a guide across numerous countries and jurisdictions, to provide practical advice about the implementation and management of biometrics and connected systems and finally, to help deal with biometric challenges and opportunities.

The first edition of the privacy guidelines was first released to Biometric Institute members in 2006. Since its release, Auraya has been strongly supporting and adhering to the privacy codes and guidelines addressed by Biometric Institute. Today, it contains 16 principles detailing from “non-discrimination to maintaining a strong privacy environment”.

As stated by the Biometric Institute, the updated universal privacy guidelines cover:

  • Complaints and remedies by people who experienced biometric-related discrimination, humiliation or damages
  • Better privacy protection for data collected by automated systems
  • Advice on managing subcontractors
  • The importance of audits and privacy impact assessments
  • Managing data breaches
  • Citizen’s right to request for biometric data and record amended or deleted

The new changes for the privacy guideline for biometrics were:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Increased reach and collection of personal data by social media channels
  • Growth of artificial intelligence, drones and face recognition biometric
  • Extensive use of biometrics in food and medical distribution in displaced persons groups, security, telecommunications and border control.

Also included in the privacy guidelines are Biometric Institute’s seven ethical principles. These principles are:

  • Ethical behaviour
  • Ownership of biometric and respect for individual’s personal data
  • Serving humans
  • Justice and accountability
  • Promoting privacy-enhancing technology
  • Recognising dignity of individuals and families
  • Equality

The privacy guideline is available to Biometric Institute members only. You can contact Biometric Institute if you’d like to join or log in to their Information Hub if you are already a member. If you’d like to discuss or address concerns regarding the privacy guidelines, feel welcome to contact us at Auraya, a supplier member of the Biometric Institute.




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