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Amazon Connect Now Available in Asia-Pacific AWS Region

Angelo Gajo | January 15, 2020 | 3 minutes


On December 19 last year AWS announced that their cloud contact center service Amazon Connect was finally available in the Asia-Pacific (Singapore) AWS region, bringing the total number to seven global AWS regions. With this expansion, organisations in the Asia-Pacific region are now provided with more options to provision their Amazon Connect cloud contact center. 

One of these options includes Auraya’s EVA voice biometrics extension for Amazon Connect. EVA is a ready-to-use, cloud-based voice biometric extension for telephony and digital channels. Designed for seamless integrations, EVA provides organisations with voice identification & verification capabilities in their Amazon Connect platform. Additionally, organisations can implement EVA fraud detection capabilities to ensure that their customers are protected from fraudulent attempts such as Account Takeovers.

EVA allows organisations to reduce agent-handling costs and ensure stronger security from fraudsters while providing a frictionless and delightful customer experience.

To celebrate the occasion, Auraya was invited to Singapore last week by the AWS team. Auraya’s managing director Ray Doak and CEO Paul Magee was in attendance and presented EVA voice biometric extension for Amazon Connect to the crowd. If you’re interested in learning more about EVA and how it can benefit your organisation, don’t hesitate to connect with Auraya at

About Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center where organisations can manage inbound and outbound customer interactions over various channels such as telephony, web, chat and emails. Amazon Connect provides a seamless experience across voice and chats for customers and agents through the use of routing tools, management tools and analytics. Amazon Connect helps improve agent efficiency and lower costs, saving more time for an organisation’s customers.

About Auraya

Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology with the mission of empowering people and organisations to interact and engage with convenience and security in all channels and languages. Designed for telephony and digital channels, ArmorVox is Auraya’s next-generation voice biometric engine capable of voice identification & verification and fraud detection. The EVA extension for Amazon Connect is powered by the ArmorVox engine, ensuring organisations with a seamless and frictionless customer experience and enhanced security.




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