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Opus Research Releases Fourth Intelliview on Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics

Angelo Gajo | July 9, 2019 | 3 minutes

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The 2019 Intelligent Authentication and Voice Biometrics Intelliview by Opus Research was published on June 27. This is the fourth instalment of this periodic series dating back to October 2013.

Opus Research has selected 13 firms providing voice biometric authentication solutions to provide a competitive context in the voice biometrics industry, with one of the firms being Auraya. The report highlights topics such as the new solution stack for intelligent authentication (iAuth), the value of voice, methodologies, competitive market positionings, the leaders, challengers and innovators and the path forward for voice biometrics.

Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research, describes Auraya as “a platform primarily used by third-party integrators to creative universal voiceprints that can be used for active or passive authentication and fraud detection in a broad variety of use cases”.

As voice biometrics become a crucial player in the intelligent authentication scene, the competitiveness in the voice biometric market grows.

Today, Auraya offers a complete product offering as a standard, including:

  • Multi-channel implementation to IVR, contact centres, mobiles and so on
  • Cloud, on-premise and embedded resources
  • Active and passive enrolments
  • Ability for end-users to opt-in or opt-out
  • Authentication, fraud prevention and device activation
  • Application of best practices for informed consent

Additionally, Auraya’s voice biometric engine ArmorVox, includes several other patented features such as:

  • Speaker-specific threshold and speaker-specific background models to ensure consistent levels of security for each end-user
  • text-dependent, text-independent, text-prompted and digit-independent voice print enrolments
  • Synthetic voice detection and liveness detection to detect pre-recording, fake, morphed or even twin voices

To access the full report, you can contact Opus Research or login here if you are a member of Opus Research. For more information on Auraya and ArmorVox, visit the website here or access the downloads page in the Resources section here.




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